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What Is Expungement, and Can I Make a Case For It?

Under current law, felons can file for an expungement in Wisconsin six months after being released from prison. While that doesn't mean their records are scrubbed, it does open the way for the possibility of a criminal history record being sealed or expunged from a state-level profile. However, expungement would still be in the past for those convicted of felonies on the federal level.

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If your record is expunged, it will stay sealed for the rest of your life. Unlike a pardon, which would make a minor part of your conviction expunged from public record, it wouldn't render the whole thing – even a misdemeanor — unavailable for investigation by law enforcement or the public. Those convicted of felonies are eligible to apply for a pardon from the Governor, but it's a five-year wait.

Does Expungement Guarantee My Previous Record is Impossible to Find?

While your criminal record will remain sealed or expunged for life, it's still possible to find out about your past record if you were arrested and convicted of a felony in other states. The internet is full of databases and other online tools that allow you to look up, search, and identify that information. With access to such databases, it's also easy to discover that some felonies result in the expungement of the record in many states.

Is my Federal Criminal History Record Available?

A federal criminal history record is typically not available in many states, including Wisconsin. In these cases, you'll need to turn to the federal court system, where you may need to file a motion asking a judge to unseal your record or provide you with a special permit to inspect the record.

What Should You Do?

If you are interested in seeking a pardon or sealing of your criminal record, we encourage you to speak with the lawyers at Ahmad & Associates about your situation. Our office wants to be here for you and handle your case with the care it needs.

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