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What Is Post-Conviction Relief?

If you have been convicted of a crime, you might be concerned about your options for challenging your sentence. Post-conviction relief is an avenue available to you if you believe that there were errors made in your case that led to your conviction.

What is Post-Conviction Relief?

Post-conviction relief is a way to challenge your conviction after your case has been closed. There are many different circumstances where you may be eligible for post-conviction relief, including if new evidence or information was discovered after your trial ended, inadequate representation in your initial trial, juror bias, or another legal error was made that influenced the outcome of your case.

To seek post-conviction relief, you must submit a notice of intent to file for post-conviction relief within 20 days of your judgment. This will initiate the process and allow you to appeal your conviction formally.

How Can I Start The Process?

If you believe that there were errors in your case and feel that post-conviction relief is right for you, it is important to act quickly. Keep in mind that post-conviction relief is a quick process, so if you think you might be eligible, it is important to retain an attorney and submit your notice of intent within 20 days of your judgment.

If you are considering post-conviction relief, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the process and determine whether or not post-conviction relief is a good option for you. With the representation and careful consideration of your case, you may be able to successfully challenge your conviction and have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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