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Case Results

At Ahmad & Associates, we thoroughly prepare for each case we handle and put up an aggressive defense for those accused of crimes. By employing a strategic approach and providing personalized representation, Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys have obtained favorable results for past clients. Read more below. If you need legal representation, call us at (414) 928-7771 or contact us online.

  • Dismissed
    Felony Burglary and Stalking
    Felony Burglary and Stalking charges dismissed prior to preliminary hearing by motion.
  • No Probation or Jail Time
    No probation or jail time in an Identity Theft case
  • Dismissed
    Felony Bail Jumping and Felony Stalking
    Felony Bail Jumping and Felony Stalking dismissed.
  • No Probation, No Jail
    One Felony Count of Strangulation/Suffocation, 4 Misdemeanors
    One Felony count of Strangulation/Suffocation, 4 misdemeanors reduced to one Disorderly Conduct, no probation, no jail.
  • Probation, No Jail
    Felony Child Abuse
    Deferred Prosecution Agreement on multiple Felony Child Abuse counts. Probation, no jail.
  • Negligent Injury; Probation
    1st Degree Reckless Injury
    1st Degree Reckless Injury amended to Negligent Injury; Probation