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Defending Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, & Other Offenses in Milwaukee

If you're charged with any type of drug crime in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it's important to get a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side immediately. These criminal types of matters are not taken lightly, and the State will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Depending on the circumstances, a drug crime in Milwaukee can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and the penalties are steep. If you're found guilty, you could be looking at spending time behind bars and/or paying high fines. The actions you take at the beginning of your drug crime case can have a profound effect on the results, which is why it's crucial to speak with a criminal defense attorney early on. They can advise you on how to respond to questions from law enforcement and how to proceed with your drug crime case.

At Ahmad & Associates, our Milwaukee drug crimes attorneys know what it takes to mount an effective defense to fight these types of criminal charges. When you retain us for legal representation, our defense attorneys will explore every aspect of your situation to identify weaknesses in the State's case against you. We'll also listen to your side of the story to build a unique legal strategy on your behalf. Our defense attorney team genuinely cares about those we defend, and we will be committed to providing the caring yet aggressive legal service you need.

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Controlled Substances Schedules in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, as in the rest of the nation, certain drugs controlled by the government. They can be either illegal substances, such as cocaine, or prescription medications, such as Adderall. Wisconsin maintains a schedule of controlled substances, which lists drugs in terms of how serious they are considered.

The controlled substance schedules are as follows:

  • Schedule I: Drugs with a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use
  • Schedule II: Drugs with a high potential for abuse and severe psychological or physical dependence, and an accepted medical use with severe restrictions
  • Schedule III: Drugs with a potential for abuse lower than that of Schedule I or II substances, an accepted medical use, and a moderate to low risk of physical dependence or high risk of psychological dependence
  • Schedule IV: Drugs with a low potential for abuse relative to Schedule III substances, an accepted medical use, and a limited risk of physical or psychological dependence
  • Schedule V: Drugs with a lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV substances, an accepted medical use, and low risk of physical or psychological dependence relative to Schedule IV drugs

Defending Against Various Types of Drug Crime Charges

Drug crimes are considered serious criminal offenses in Wisconsin. If you're facing accusations, you must go up against an experienced prosecutor to challenge them. This requires knowing the laws concerning your rights, the rules of evidence, and regulations of the court. It might be intimidating to navigate the legal system on your own. That is why our team of Milwaukee drug crimes attorneys are here to deliver the skilled guidance you need to effectively handle your case. We'll discuss the process with you and answer all your questions, helping you understand what to expect.

Our defense lawyers provide legal representation for all types of drug crime charges in Milwaukee, including:

  • Drug Manufacturing, distribution, or delivery of a controlled substance
  • Drug Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Drug Possession of drug paraphernalia

Trust Ahmad & Associates to Provide the Defense You Need

If you've been charged with a drug crime in Milwaukee, the burden rests on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you're guilty. They might have collected evidence against you to build your criminal case, but that doesn't mean it's strong enough to convince a judge or jury that you committed the alleged offense. Various defenses might be available in your criminal case, and our Milwaukee drug possession attorneys will scour every detail to identify anything that could cast doubt on the evidence.

We will work hard toward a favorable outcome on your behalf. Learn more about your legal options by calling us at (414) 928-7771 or contacting us online.

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